The A-Z of furniture: Terminology to know when buying at auction

Popular Pages. Maine Digest Ads. Man at Arms Ads. Index of Offerings. Historical Treasures Portraits, Paintings, Mirrors, etc. The octagonal top pivots on wooden pintles piercing the triangular frame joining block and turned tapering legs resting on pad feet. Likely the original surface; very good condition commensurate with age; cupping to top, else fine.

Antique & Reclaimed Tables

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Even if the style of the table suggests that it’s an antique, however, you have to Another way to date a table is to examine the hardware holding it together.

As we moved into our new house, I needed a diminutive table and I thought, I think I know the shape and size and when I saw this out in the yard I thought this is a great thing. It was pitch black. It was a moldy mess. But on your particular table, we’re very fortunate– you are, in fact– to have the actual label of John Seymour and Son, Creek Square, Boston, which is where they were.

And it’s a little bit deteriorated but you can still read it. That’s just extraordinary because it’s so rare to find labeled pieces. What you brought in today here is a Federal inlay mahogany demilune card table made by John and Thomas Seymour, very distinguished cabinetmakers who made some of the most distinguished and fine furniture for the very wealthiest families in Boston at the time. It has this wonderful figured mahogany.

The top has these inlaid If you come down to the edge, this edge has wonderful satinwood inlay, this figured satinwood. It has a typical Seymour coved edge, a veneered front, and on this veneered front, tapering bellflowers– you see how they taper from small into large and then– and the bowknot, which is so delicately done, this satinwood bowknot.

All of these elements that we’re seeing actually came out of English design books from the late 18th century of George Hepplewhite and Sheraton, their design books. But the Seymours took it even to a higher level.

How to Find Out the Age of a Dining Table

If you love books and vintage style, antique library tables can offer a practical and stylish option for your home. Once a staple in public and private libraries and living rooms, these tables can double as desks, consoles, or work surfaces in many rooms. Learning how to identify and evaluate these tables can help you make sure you get a great deal on this piece of history.

Library tables were made for writing and studying, so they tend to be standard desk height – generally between 28 and 30 inches tall. Most have a rectangular or oval shape and substantial feel.

When attempting to determine the age of antique furniture, there is no one definitive factor, but rather a combination of elements at work. Accent Tables deals.

The episode was directed by Kevin S. Bright , written by Brian Boyle from a story by Zachary Rosenblatt and guest-stars Elle Macpherson in her final appearance as recurring character Janine Lecroix. After Rachel buys an apothecary table from Pottery Barn for her and Phoebe ‘s apartment, she learns from Monica that Phoebe hates Pottery Barn and its mass-produced products, because she believes there is no symbolical history behind them.

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How to Identify Antique Tables

When you want to refinish old wooden furniture, the best place to look is the family storeroom: Check the attic, basement, garage, or wherever unwanted furniture has collected. You may also discover a real antique or two — pieces handed down through the family for generations. Other good sources are secondhand stores, household auctions, and garage sales. With furniture, as with anything else, one person’s junk is another another’s treasure.

Antique stores are a good place to find furniture to refinish, but expect to pay for these pieces. If you’re interested in antiques, recent or old, research before you buy anything.

A Manantongo Treasure Chest · A Mysterious Halloween Antiques Story · A New Lovejoy on Tea Tables · Mars and “Money” Jordan on Basketball Collectibles Screws were occasionally used in furniture pre-dating the beginning of the.

Keep your glass and ceramic antiques looking great with these easy and simple tips from the pros. Here’s some easy advice on how to keep your cherished furnishings looking good for years to come. The Hitchcock Chair Company was an industry leader and innovator in both the 19th and 20th centuries. After a fascinating history, it folded—again—in American history can be found anywhere from museums to the old building around the block. I just happened to find an interesting source at an auction, not as a buyer or seller but as a student.

A Daytona Beach, Florida, museum may hold the best collection of American antique furniture south of Williamsburg, Virginia. Eating used to be such a simple affair: If you found something to eat you ate it right then and there. When we got civilized eating became more complicated. Once you decide you have an interest and want to give it a go, here are the places and steps you can take in your pursuit of studying furniture. Learn about furniture pieces with French names. When I go looking on the internet for information on furniture, sometimes I am appalled at the amount of incomplete, misleading, inaccurate or just plain dead wrong information I come across.

How to Identify Antique Wooden Furniture

This 18th century writing table has Masonic associations. The top left hand drawer is stamped with a symbol of a compass and set square. This high quality writing table or bureau plat is made from well-figured mahogany. It has a beautiful break-front outline all around with panelling and superb ormolu mounts. An absolutely fabulous antique Neoclassical writing table made to the very highest standards.

This superb desk was made from top quality plum pudding mahogany,.

From a Chippendale sideboard to an Eames chair, an authentic antique piece adds invaluable charm to a room. But often in dimly-lit flea markets.

Made of reclaimed antique wood, the Antique Wooden Side Table with Folding Legs provides the perfect addition to compliment your kitchen, dining room, or wherever you might need additional surface space. The unique design of the table allows you to fold the legs in so that the table can be stored when not in use. We love its rich dark wood which offers an old-world style similar to what you may find at a market place in India. Our top pick for last minute entertaining decor!

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Antique pedestal tables were first seen in the Early 18th Century in the form of a tripod table, used to hold candles. Antique Pedestal Tables for dining were high in fashion at the end of the 18th Century when people moved away from the traditional long solid table to the more finer design standing on a single or twin pedestal base. These fine tables would stand wonderfully on turned pillars with tripod splayed legs and quality brass castors. This form was used on dining tables to much smaller occasional tables from the Late Georgian period to the Regency and Victorian eras.

The idea was to make dining more comfortable and intimate, sitting closer together.

Our range of stunning antique & reclaimed tables includes small coffee tables to large dining tables dating back from the 17th to the early 20th century.

If you are trying to determine the age of a piece of American antique furniture , it will require investigative work. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Examine the level of work that went into the furniture from the joinery, finishing, knobs, and more. Study the materials used from the wood, fabric, and screws.

If you take all these factors into consideration, you may be able to figure out on your own if have an antique or a machine-made reproduction. When you are trying to determine the age of piece you cannot just look at furniture style. Popular styles have been prolifically reproduced over the years and some of these classic styles are still being made today.

How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture

Create account. Antique tables are highly valued among furniture buyers and antique collectors. Tables, like chairs, are one of the oldest pieces of furniture known to man. They come in various styles that also determine their use — either functional or aesthetic. If you have inherited an antique table and wish to sell it, you must consult an expert regarding its value. But to give you an idea on how value is determined, you can learn about which factors affect its valuation.

Numbers of legs varied from eight to twelve. Most dining tables of the Jacobean and early Georgian periods were round oak gateleg tables, usually with.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A George III mahogany gateleg foldover tea table, early 19th century, the front with a single drawer with the original brass handles and supported on circular tapering supports with pad feet.

An oak gate leg Sutherland table, English early 19th century 64 cm high, 67 cm diameter Show 18 more like this. An early 18th century Irish George I mahogany dining table, a very fine and rare dining table from the earliest Georgian period, crafted in solid Cuban mahogany… Show 7 more like this. A good George III mahogany dining table, of rectangular form with a drop sided, barrel hinge double gateleg mechanism, above four elegant gently tapered legs terminating in plain pad feet.

English, circa Show 2 more like this.

How to Determine the Age of Your Antique Bed

British accents and old items of value that have been knocking around in homes for decades with no idea of their worth. No wonder this series has been so popular for over 40 years. Unless you are an antique expert it is clearly quite a challenge to know how old furniture really is and whether in fact it is a valuable antique or not. With a little know-how, it may not be as complicated as you think.

In this article, we will arm you with some tricks of the trade so that you can get a good idea of the age of antique bed frames and other furniture.

A lovely antique Victorian mahogany wind out extending dining table. We date this table to the second half of the 19th century. The table sits on four sturdy well.

The extendable English dining table dates to the midth century when tastes moved away from large, static furnishings to lighter, more accommodating styles. Walnut and oak were replaced with mahogany as the wood of choice due to its dramatic, deep red hue. The most basic of furnishings, the table has been in use for thousands of years, though not just for dining. The ancient Egyptians crafted simple 4-legged tables of stone and wood, while the Greeks and Romans utilized more exotic materials such as bronze and cedar to craft tables that often resembled altars with slab sides for support.

Western dining tables, most notably those of the Medieval period, were simple planks that rested upon trestles using peg construction, which allowed them to be easily assembled and disassembled as needed. Known as “refectory tables,” these trestle-based tables originated in monasteries and were later adopted for use in the Great Halls of feudal castles.

This was problematic as most halls were used for other purposes in addition to dining.

How to Tell the Age of Antique Furniture

Next to the chair, the table is perhaps the oldest form of furniture. Certainly, it is one of the most versatile with styles ranging from delicate and mobile to massive and ceremonial. Tables are often key specimens of a particular style, era, or furniture designer. There are primarily two categories of antique tables: accent tables and dining tables.

If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be Hand-cut dovetails can date an older American piece to before

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