Induction of labour for predicted macrosomia: the Big Baby trial

According to European Union law, we would like to inform you that our website uses cookies in order to deliver you highest quality services. You may specify how cookies are being stored in your browser’s settings. We appreciate this is a worrying time for pregnant women and mums who have recently had their baby. We want to ensure we give you the latest information about how we have had to change our services to keep everyone safe. We also want to reassure you that you are not alone in your pregnancy and that we are still here to help and support you throughout your pregnancy to parenthood journey. As you are aware Covid presents a significant challenge to the NHS. The health, wellbeing and safety of everyone accessing and working in maternity services is our utmost priority. In a rapidly changing situation, the care we provide is guided by national evidence for safest practice as this becomes available. In our maternity services and the wider hospital, we are minimising all face to face contact appointments including obstetric clinic appointments and cancelling all group appointments such as antenatal preparation. In addition, we are making amendments in our community services to limit non-urgent face to face contacts between women and our midwives.

Antenatal Care

From Monday, 23 March the decision was made to suspend the Southampton and Salisbury breast screening programme. Initially we will be contacting patients to rearrange appointments that we had to cancel. This will be followed by inviting ladies in the 50 to 70 year age range. We will be unable to accept self-referrals for those aged over 71 and women will not be invited as part of the AgeX trial until further notice. These actions are aligned with national guidance provided by Public Health England.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to be shortlisted in the HSJ Awards programme to improve patient safety at Salisbury District Hospital. in date are used. scanning to positively identify patients when taking.

If you are unable to use the online service, please call NHS From 15 June all visitors and outpatients will be required to wear a face covering at all times while at the hospital. Please plan ahead and bring one with you. We recently made the difficult decision to suspend visiting to our hospital until further notice except in the below exceptional circumstances, to help reduce the spread of COVID We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.

Read more information about messages for loved ones…. It is conveniently situated for both the M27 and A3M. Family members and carers play an important role in supporting patients during an episode of ill health.

Ultrasound scans in Southampton

Some pathologies can solely be identified by scintigraphic imaging. Horses are admitted to the hospital the day before the bone scan. A radioisotope, technetium 99m is injected intravenously and the scans are obtained using a gamma camera over the next few hours.

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Ultrasound scan

Scan4Safety is a pioneering programme led by the Department of Health that is improving patient safety, increasing clinical productivity and driving operational efficiency in the NHS. Scan4Safety is taking learnings from other sectors, such as retail, to improve traceability and efficiency through the use of international barcoding standards GS1 standards and common ways of doing business PEPPOL. Barcodes have already transformed supply chain management across a number of sectors, hugely improving efficiencies and providing greater visibility and traceability of products right through the supply chain.

Welcome to Salisbury Hospital Maternity Unit Our aim is for you to have a safe and fully informed pregnancy and birth experience, resulting in.

Published by Henrietta Creasey at pm 15th January Researchers have been looking at the psychological impact of early-stage pregnancy loss, in what’s the largest study to take place. One woman from Salisbury who experienced PTSD after a miscarriage in wants women in a similar position to know they are not alone. Following further examinations, I was handed some leaflets on “what to expect” and was sent home.

I had entered the hospital pregnant and was going home with the knowledge that I would never meet the baby we had such hope and dreams for. Amy says in the days and weeks that followed she was “consumed with grief, anxiety and depression”. The health professionals had told me what to expect physically, but nobody had warned me what to expect and how to cope mentally.

Scan4Safety – Insight from a demonstrator site

A transient ischaemic attack or TIA is also known as a mini-stroke. It is the same as a stroke, except that the symptoms last for a short amount of time and no longer than 24 hours. This is because the blockage that stops the blood getting to your brain is temporary. More than one in 12 people will have a stroke within a week of having a TIA.

In our maternity services and the wider hospital, we are minimising all face to face contact Here you will find up to date information relating to important issues such as Salisbury Foundation Trust: ​InformationForPatients/ If you have been asked to attend scans to check your baby’s growth it is very.

Contributors: The paper was a collaboration between the departments of clinical genetics and fetal medicine in Southampton and genetics in Salisbury. TB runs the prenatal section in which most of the cytogenetic analysis was carried out. DW and DTH performed most of the analyses of clinical data. All authors contributed to the final version of the paper.

DW is guarantor for the paper. To compare the effectiveness of different screening policies for the antenatal detection of Down’s syndrome.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust shortlisted for HSJ Patient Safety Award

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Background and study aims Difficulty in delivering the shoulders of a baby after the head has been delivered can be a serious complication during birth. Most babies that get into such trouble are larger than average. It has been suggested that if we can predict by ultrasound scan in the last weeks of pregnancy which babies are large and at increased risk, then we could deliver them a week or so earlier and reduce the chance of such complications.

However, the available evidence is not clear, and can be interpreted in different ways. The aim of this study is to find out whether delivering large babies earlier is the right thing to do for baby and mother. Who can participate? Pregnant women aged 18 or over where an ultrasound scan suggests that the baby in the womb is larger than expected for the woman’s size, therefore potentially at risk of problems with delivery of the shoulders during birth What does the study involve?

Participants are randomly allocated to either an early induction of labour, with the aim to start labour at 38 weeks, or a control group where care is as normal and labour is left to start naturally. The study looks at whether, as a result of earlier birth, there are fewer instances of complications such as difficulty with the delivery of the shoulders. What are the possible benefits and risks of participating? The study will help decide what the safest method is to care for pregnancies where, because of the large size of the baby, complications may occur during labour.

Where is the study run from?

Salisbury District Hospital

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The Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre at Salisbury District Hospital covers southern date but it is too early to assess the outcomes of the procedure until at least three months should have an ultrasound scan within 24 hours.

Dental implants are strong, permanent and realistic replacements for missing teeth. Not surprisingly, they are becoming extremely popular with patients. The implants themselves are tiny titanium posts, which are gently inserted into the jawbone. Over time the jawbone bonds with the titanium, providing what is in effect a false tooth root. A crown or a prosthesis is placed on top of the implant. Implants can replace a single tooth or many teeth and can also be used to secure or stabilise dentures for greater comfort and increases self-confidence.

Dental implant retained crowns and dentures are not fixed to other teeth and therefore do not cause any further damage to neighbouring teeth. When teeth are missing the surrounding bone and gum tissue begins to shrink and recede. Implants prevent this bone loss, thus helping retain the natural shape of the jaw and the surrounding facial volume. The end result is a replacement tooth that is so comfortable and realistic you may even forget it’s not one of your natural teeth!

With a higher a success rate than other dental treatments, implants will allow you to speak, eat, laugh and smile with confidence. The area around the implant is completely numbed up, so you won’t feel anything. We have to use a drill, but it is very different from the high-pitched dental drills that so many people hate – all you will feel is a gentle vibration. You do not have to have a gap in your teeth during treatment – we will be able to provide you with a comfortable, temporary replacement.

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It is amongst the most advanced imaging technique developed to date. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field and radio waves and thus avoids the use of X-Rays. On arrival patients are greeted by a radiographer and will be asked to remove any metal objects including hairpins, glasses, wigs, non – permanent dentures and jewellery but not plain gold wedding bands. If possible it is best to leave any valuables at home.

Watches and credit cards will be damaged by the magnetic field and must be removed. Female patients may also have to remove bras and any eye make-up.

We provide a range of pregnancy scans from dating scans to reassurance. All our pregnancy scans are provided by fully trained sonographers who work for both.

His area of expertise is in managing disorders of the hip and knee, joint replacement and revision surgery, knee arthroscopy, and lower limb reconstruction. He has full registration with the General Medical Council and is on the specialist register. He qualified in Medicine in University of Sheffield. Having successfully completed his basic surgical training in Sheffield, he was awarded the Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in He was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine from Sheffield University in following two years of research for his thesis on changes in bone metabolism following tibial fracture.

He was awarded the Fellowship in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery by the Royal College of Surgeons of England in He undertook a six month fellowship at Llandough Hospital, Cardiff specialising in complex hip replacement and revision surgery, and a twelve month fellowship in hip and knee surgery at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. He has published a number of research articles and has presented his work at national and international meetings.

He maintains a high standard of practice and keeps up to date with the latest developments in hip and knee surgery.

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